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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Art Supplies, Tubes of paint, Ann Hyde

I prefer tubes of paint rather than pans. Pans can be very dry whereas the tubes are much fresher, even when they dry in a palette. Easily revived with a spray of clear water.  These tubes were sat on my workspace desk, so I captured them with a quick sketch.

Lamy Safari penwork


  1. Nice sketch Ann, with just the few tubes and their shadow. Focusing on just a few objects makes such interesting sketches, I look closely and admire, and what a lovely name for the colour - raw umber - the sound is lovely, just like the colour.

    1. Thanks Jez. It's a colour I use quite a lot :-)

  2. Raw Umber is awesome. Great sketch Ann.

  3. Nice of them to sit still for you Ann! Me, I prefer the pans! Guess it is the not having to squeeze out too much and worry about waste that gets me. Maybe you will encourage me to try them again.I certainly have enough of them here. I like your simple sketch!

  4. Nice sketch of the paint tubes! I prefer the tubes also but put them into pans and allow them to dry. One quick spritz and they are ready to go!

  5. i always enjoy your simple sketch and paintings ann. well done! you use raw umber for shadows?


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