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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Art Supplies "Residue" by Elisa Choi

I use a palette knife whenever I want an impasto effect or sometimes if I prefer to make an acrylic painting loose and textured. It's been awhile since I last use this tool. There's even leftover paint lol. I enjoy painting more in watercolor. Anybody tried this tool? :)


  1. Wow, this is so realistic, wonderful job Elisa!

  2. This is such a great painting Elisa...I LOVE the shadow which has really brought it to 3D. I use a palette knife once in a while, quite enjoy using them, they give a freedom to work that brushes don't somehow. Like you, I do prefer using watercolours.

  3. Great sketch of your palette knife Elisa, it can be seen that it has been used, and I love the bit of paint on the end of the blade. You always do the shadows so well, and this is no exception. Yes I have tried this a few times, but never feel happy, probably because I don't feel 'in control' as I do with other mediums. Perhaps reading this will make me have another go some time.

  4. Elisa, your palette knife is very good. It looks ready to use. Great job.

  5. Wonderful well executed painting, and a good reminder to get out some of my fun tools. I use the palette knife for acrylics and for the two oil paintings I did once in a class. It was fun!

  6. Nice sketch of the palette knife. I've been told that a palette knife can be used to make thin tree branches really well. I bought one but lost it before I ever got to try it for branches.

  7. Thank you everyone! I appreciate your comments and your sharing of stories and tips!


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