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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Soon it will be green here in Rochester, NY, Marla Eklund

I love the Winter but this Winter has been a long hard and very cold one.  I'm ready for Spring to arrive in all it's glory.  Soon!  In the meantime, it was an absolutely beautiful morning this morning when I got up.  Cold, crisp and very clear!  I did a really fast sketch when I first woke up and I was waiting for my morning tea to seep!


  1. I love those scribbly lines, cross hatching and a bit of paint to show the sunrise! Perfect!

  2. Lovely warm colors of dawn and great line drawn trees.

  3. Yeah for a sunrise sketch!!! Love the colors and the active ink lines in your trees. Very nice way to start the day!

  4. I love this sketchy study of trees and the glorious sunrise!

  5. Quick and beautiful. Love it!

  6. Nice contrast with the dark lines of the trees against the orange glow of sunrise.

  7. Beautiful, Marla. It looks just like it. I can just imagine you sitting at your kitchen table with your big steaming mug, looking out at the snow and the sunrise… yes, soon it will be green here! Before we know it.


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