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Sunday, March 16, 2014

Parks & Gardens, Squirrel by Melisa McCurley

I snapped this squirrel with my phone while walking along the Tammany Trace, which is a 31 mile Rails to Trail project where they have turned an old unused train railroad into an asphalt trail for biking and walking.  I walked right up to the squirrel and he chirped angrily at me but refused to leave his little tree.


  1. Sweet painting of this ornery critter. Moleskin?

    1. Thanks! No, I have a couple of moleskin sketchbooks but I don't like the paper. I use them for art journals to collage in but the paper is not good for pencil or for watercolor, IMO. This is the sketchbook by hand*book journal co. Same size and shape and does have cream paper, but a much better paper.

  2. Bold little creature, but sketched so nicely, Melisa!

  3. What a great capture and painting Melisa. Love it :-)

  4. Great drawing of the squirrel! I have them here too, but have not thought to draw them yet. Thanks for the inspiration!

  5. what a cool find melisa! the lovely flowers and the cute squirrel! Great colors!

  6. Love your squirrel, Melisa! And the beautiful flowering tree!

  7. Cute little squirrel. They are such funny little creatures. Good work.

  8. Oh how sweet. squirrels are beautiful little creatures in a world of their own. Great job.


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