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Friday, March 21, 2014

"Mom's Garden Rack with Loved Things" Gardens & Parks Lynn Cohen

On Tuesday I came home for lunch and once again sat in my family room looking out the open back door and drew this steel rack where I put garden things. The rack was my moms when she was alive.
The things on the top shelf are all gifts. A bird house from my dear friend, Jeri in Idaho; a bird house my friend Sam in Oregon built for me, and a flower pot with a succulent plant that was a cut off from my aunt Mimi's huge jade plant.
The second shelf has a metal tray with Raggedy Ann and Raggedy Andy surrounded by flowers on it, but they are in the center and I could not see them to draw them. It came from a flea market. The metal chicken I got new at Big Lots a long time ago. The plastic weather thermometer doesn't work well anymore. Not sure where it came from.
Bottom shelf has a bird house Cris and Con made for us (no, we never did put it on a pole), and a stack of ceramic dishes for catching water under plants.
I enjoy looking at all of these things!
Prismacolor 03 black ink pen
Koi Watercolors
Nature Sketch book 6" X 12" Vertical


  1. Beautiful things - and a beautiful drawing. Love watercolors :)

  2. These are lovely things to have and view. Love your painting :-)

  3. Lovely things in your rack to see and admire. You have drawn them so good. Lovely work!

  4. Great sketch of the rack and all the items...and so many of them from special people in your life.

  5. Great drawing of your garden rack. I love all you pretty bird houses.

  6. Your garden rack painting/sketch is fabulous, Lynn. You always get such fantastics colors in your paintings.

  7. How nice to look out at your stand full of memories. It's a lovely sketch and the story behind it adds so much interest.

  8. I have a rack like this just waiting to be painted. I hesitated to start it because it looked so complicated. After seeing yours, I may give it a try! But I might have to use a bigger piece of paper than an aceo! LOL. I love this one.

    1. Yes, go big and long, Penny! ;-) mine has one more shelf I had to leave off! ;-)

  9. Love this rack with your personal items that you can see while you are outside. Nice work. I hope to be back soon with something to least I will try to. Have a great weekend.

  10. Love this sketch. Sometimes just sitting a birdhouse on a shelf is better then a pole, especially if you have a Henry. :))


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