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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Manga Study

I was sitting in my den watching "Face Off," a make-up artist show on the Sci-fi network, and the challenge was to design an anime character inspired by the artist's themselves.  (Anime is the Japanese animated form of Manga (cartoons).  Inspired by the latter, I decided to do a quick study of the style in the form of a self-portrait.  It's not perfect, but I'm happy with it.

You can see more of my week's inspiration in my blog.  Blessings!


  1. Hi Arnoldo, great to see you back here. This is a wonderful sketch for "Close to Home", so well done. Just so you know we have jumped ahead to our March prompt and are now drawing in the "Kitchen". See you there! ;-)

    1. Oops! Sorry about that. I'll look for something kitchen oriented this week.

    2. ;-)! I love your self portrait. Just so you know!!! ;-)

  2. What a great drawing! I love the manga fact I once did a drawing of my daughter in manga (she wasn't impressed though), heyho. I enjoyed seeing your drawing here, you have added another element to our work.

  3. Arnoldo, hi! I always see you at PPF and it's good to see you. It's a great drawing. I've never tried Manga style. Looks interesting. Great job!:)

  4. Nice self portrait in the Manga style!

  5. Your self portrait is a nice drawing. I dont know this manga style so I can not say anything of it! It is great that you are with us here too!


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