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Friday, March 14, 2014

Kitchen, Arnoldo L. Romero

Greetings!  I wanted to begin by apologizing for posting a "close to home" sketch instead of a "kitchen" one in my last post.  I hadn't blogged for a while and forgot the theme's change every 2 weeks.  It seems like lately I've been a day late and a dollar short.  LOL!  Speaking of being late, I also forgot Eva & Kristin's blogoversary, so I sketched this cupcake for them.  (I know most of you link to their weekly post.)  I used a photograph I found in a Martha Stewart's Living magazine ad as my reference.  Blessings!

© Arnoldo L. Romero 2014


  1. Hi Arnoldo. Yes it has been 3 years, hasn't it? Love your cupcake and I'm a Martha fan and love her style of cooking and just her style period. Can I have half the cupcake please?:) Nice job and I'm sure Eva and Kristin will be very happy with this, as well as Lynn. Your cupcake will be love. Have a great weekend.

  2. Arnoldo, there is absolutely NO need for an apology! You got in "At Home" and now you landed in the "Kitchen". Your art is welcome in both places. Just so you know though we are leaving the kitchen the day after tomorrow and heading for the "Parks and Gardens". I'm sure you'll keep up just fine. This lovely cupcake is beautifully drawn and am sure Kristen and Eva over at Paint Party Friday are delighted with it. It's a lovely post here too! ;-))) I love the Matisse quote about creativity and courage as well. So glad you and your art are here!

  3. Wonderful drawing.I like the ink color and the ledger page you drew on makes a great background pattern

  4. Arnoldo I love this could digitally remove the ppf part and it would make a marvelous print or card!

    Hugs Giggles

  5. Love it! It is making my mouth water while I wait for my morning oatmeal to cook. LOL

  6. Hi Arnoldo...fantastic...beautifully done..yummy cupcake..looks divine! the color you used and our fantastic line work it a really vintage-y feel..awesome vibe!

  7. The cream is beautifully drawn, and it looks a tempting treat.

  8. Great sketch, Arnoldo! Better late than never! This is a very forgiving and understanding bunch of folks. ;)


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