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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Kitchen by Joan Tavolott

It was another busy day so I am using some of the sketches I did recently that fit this theme.

Bok Choy anyone?

Maybe with a little white balsamic vinegar...

And maybe a little crusty Italian bread.

I have posted the work I've been doing at the workshop on my blog. If you care to take a peek, here is a link to the blog. or you can click on my name along the side to be magically transported there.


  1. Joan, I like your shadows here, and yes, I love bok Choy! Thanks for the white vinegar idea. Love your work on the clear liquid bottle! Wow-done!

  2. Yummy. You have some very tasty sketches.

  3. Hands up for bok choy Joan - lovely drawings :-)

  4. We love bok choy over here. Great job on it. Great drawing.


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