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Sunday, March 2, 2014

Kitchen by Joan Tavolott

Since I am not home, I sketched the closest thing I had to a kitchen last night. Our hotel room in Virginai had a cart with a small microwave and a mini fridge. Then up on top was the ice bucket and a few cups for drinks....all of which said "do not microwave" so why were they on the microwave?LOL

I also have some sketches that I did at home and I will post them through the week when I have no real kitchen to sketch from.. Here is the first sketch of some broccoli. Lynn, I'm sure your can whip this into something special.


  1. I find that sketching anything is a good feeling. Wonderful that you are doing art while you are away. These are charming.

  2. Joan, perfect find ... This teeny , tiny Mimi hotel room kitchen! Hey, I'd say room service qualifies! BTW the microwave is for popcorn while watching TV!
    Now let's see, your beautiful looking green broccoli just needs one sliced onion, a clove or 2 of fresh chopped garlic, and a hefty handful of sliced black mushrooms! Sautéed in virgin olive oil.
    Yea for you for posting while away from home! It will go well with that popcorn!

  3. Joan, you have skteched it so good! But at same time I feel you are missing your home kitchen:)

  4. I love what you sketched from your hotel! Thanks for taking us on your road trip! And the broccoli is just beautiful :)

  5. Ha- I've been in a hotel that had the same set up- thought the "do not microwave" items oddly placed too. Fantastic broccoli drawing-wow!

  6. There's nothing like being home. You've done a great job with your sketch. :) Broccoli looks great.:)

  7. Thanks so much everyone!!! Yes, I miss my kitchen, but the food here is pretty good and there is plenty of it. lol


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