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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Kitchen by Joan Tavolott

I an again reaching back to an old sketch I did for something to post. My sister and I got back really late last night to her house and I decided to stay over rather than drive another 1 1/2 hours to my house late at night. Luckily I have been sketching items in my kitchen for a long time before we started this theme. lol This is my hubby's favorite dessert...blueberry pie.


  1. Aww blueberry pie!! - looks so yummy :-)

  2. It looks delicious, full of fruit and a golden crust. And your sketch is just as delicious as the pie probably tastes!

  3. Beautifully, realistically painted!

  4. Oh yum. Looks good enough to eat. :)) how's the face after the accident?

  5. Thanks everyone. I only had a taste of this pie because my hubby loves it so much.

    Cris, thanks for asking. My face is still very bruised but the swelling is mostly gone. I have a big bruise under my eye and now the area above my lip has a bruise so I look like I have a mustache. Luckily only the top part of my nose still hurts so I have to be careful when I put glasses on. But it is healing.


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