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Saturday, March 29, 2014

Gardens & Parks, Water Pump, by Joan Tavolott

We are having rain here today so I didn't even bother going out and finding someplace to sketch.
Instead I looked through my photos for something different. The reference I used for this was a photo I had taken in Adare, Ireland last year. The garden was in front of a thatched cottage.
This is ATC sized.


  1. The blue and the red, such a striking combination. Very nice.

  2. Such a pretty little scene! Lovely style!

  3. Beautifully drawn waterpump with beautiful colors,Joan, Great work again.

  4. I love this pump Joan. I remember my g.grandparents had a working one when I was just a little kid. Thanks for adding the Location, it's so nice to see where in Ireland you visited :-)

  5. Wonderful bright colors Joan! Great pump surrounded by flowers! How fun that must have been visiting Ireland.

  6. Love the blue pump in front of the pink cottage and amid the foliage. And geraniums are among my favourite plants, although they are loosely painted they are recognisable. Lovely ATC.
    You asked about the Aster in my last post. I left a reply but you may not have seen it - the sketch is 4.5 inches by 4.5 inches.

  7. This is lovely. The blue water pump and the red flowers just pop.

  8. I'm glad everyone liked the water pump. I have so many photos from Ireland that I want to sketch and paint, so it was fun to do one for this theme.

    Jez - I did see your reply about your last post. For some reason I was expecting it to be bigger with all those petals. It is great and I tend to sketch and paint small so it is the perfect size in my opinion.


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