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Monday, March 17, 2014

"Gardens and Parks" Jar by Elisa Choi

pen and watercolor on sketchbook

We got some empty jars in our garden. The colors are earthy but I splash this sketch with some cool colors for the shadow. I enjoy picking up nature stuffs that I find interesting. This one that you see drape across the drawn jar is a small thin twig with leftover dried leaves and flowers. I think it makes pretty accent no?

For some of you who inquired what paper I used on the previous watercolor painting, I use Canson. The texture is almost similar to that of tissue paper. :)


  1. Elisa, so beautiful colors! I love these combinations of brown and blue. your painting is so ethereal, poetic. I love it.

  2. I love your blended colours here Elisa :-)

  3. Lovely ink work and color on the jar and the twig with dried leaves. Nicely done!

  4. Elisa, this is so lovely. The glass seems fragile and thin. The colors of rich earth! What a find, and what a beautiful painting it made!

  5. Really pretty! I do love the little dried twigs!

  6. Those twigs do add a very nice touch to your watercolor. Good work.

  7. Very nice, love the translucent blue colors.

  8. I like the loose application of watercolors all running together to form new hues. Beautiful! Spatters are just enough to add texture without overpowering the painting.

  9. Elisa, there is so much to look at here. Such depth!


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