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Update : We are now keeping Themes for a WHOLE MONTH

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Check out Info in Sidebar....

1. Please in Title Box :  put current theme and the title (if you have one for your work)  and your name.

2. LABELS box on the right side of your NEW post page: current theme, title,  and your name, (separated with commas) - They will then show up in the footer under your post once posted.

3. LOCATION box also on the right side of your NEW post page: where you live if you want!

Admin.: Lynn
Admin.: Helper: Ann


  1. Thanks Ann for this friendly reminder update! And for making the box of "how to..."info on our sidebar! I hope now this is clear for everyone to follow easily and it will streamline our look and ability to see all of any one artists work in a given theme by tapping their name on a footer! I appreciate your help in doing this!

  2. I am new to water color, but, I would love to join your group.

  3. Again I don't see the "post" button. Just the how to post icom.

  4. I also don't see my name in the sidebar.

  5. It's so interesting here... And I would like to be with you
    Ciao Beo

  6. This seems like such a friendly community, I'd love to join you if you'll have me!
    My email is :)

  7. I'd love to join. Email is

  8. Hello Lyn. Can I join please? My email is
    I've looked at your blog lots of times but I only just found this. It looks good!

  9. Also my blog is

    Better get going on the selfie...might get one in in the nick of time!!

  10. auch ich wäre gerne dabei:

  11. This comment has been removed by the author.

  12. I would love to join.

  13. I would like to join is you allow charcoal and pencil drawing as well as painting.

  14. gloria@gloriajzucaro
    I may not be able to start until after Christmas, but would love to be invited.


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