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Friday, February 14, 2014

"Close to Home" sunglasses- vivi toscano

hi everyone, its a pleasure to be here! I must admit that I felt very sorry when I did learn that the other blog was closing! even when Im not posting anything lately, but its summer in argentina, where I live, and I have a little inn here and I work very much this time of year, so I dont have much free time, and sometimes Im tired, so I didnt work my mind to much today, but I found this sunglasses, a pair of my daughter and the other its a present she gave me for christmas along with my first moleskine sketchbook!


  1. I love that you are back with us here, Vivi. Your drawing in the moleskin art journal is perfecto! Nice to know it is summer somewhere! Although I can't complain as California where I live is having a very mild winter. We actually WANT rain! I hope when you get a break now and then you'll find making art and posting it here will be relaxing for you!

  2. Great sketches, Vivi! I was sad that the other blog closed, too. I'm so glad we can all sketch together, again!

  3. Love the sunglasses! I'll have to try out my little Moleskines!

  4. Vivi, I'm glad that even though it is a busy time for you that you were able to find some time to sketch. The sunglasses came out the reflections in the lenses. I was sad to see the other blog shut down. I was having a great time there.

  5. Nice to meet you Vivi, I did not participate in the other blog, but look forward to participating on this one. I like how you captured the effect of the lenses in your glasses.

  6. Ooh, these sunglasses are so stylish, and so stylishly drawn! I was sad too to see the other blog go. But I'm glad we can all gather here!


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