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Friday, February 14, 2014

Rosy Love 'Close to Home' by Elisa Choi

You must be all celebrating love and togetherness wherever you are with your loved ones. Here's something extra for you. I hope it brings you joy and love. This blog will be like home to us artists no? Thanks Lynn. :)


  1. I. Love your beautiful roses! Happy valentines day!

  2. Elisa, your garden must be color heaven if these beautiful roses are any indication! Happy "Love Day" to you too!

  3. These are the perfect subject for your lovely, delicate style. Happy Valentine's day!

  4. What a great painting for Valentines Day :-)

  5. Thank you, Elisa! These are so beautiful. Happy Valentine's Day!

  6. We don't celebrate today especially, just like mother's day or father's day. Love is hopefully there always and any day could be made special, if we have the need or an idea for it :-)
    Wish you a wonderful day! And thank you for the beautiful roses!

  7. Elisa, your blossoms are lovely!!! I have some yellow roses that my husband gave to me that I am hoping to paint soon, before they get too droopy. lol


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