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Friday, February 14, 2014

Close to Home: I've got the Winter Browns...Kim Lawbaugh

I walk to and from my job at a nearby middle school and a few weeks ago I collected winter debris to bring home to sketch.


  1. Amazing detail and colors! I recommend to everyone that they click on the pictures to see them larger and brighter.

  2. Clicking on the picture brings it up big and so nice to see all the information you have added to your drawings.

  3. Wonderful! I like to do this, too. Once, I found an empty cocoon attached to a little twig. I love finding little treasures from nature.

  4. Wonderful illustrations! I love these plant drawings/paintings!

  5. Kim, you're inspiring me with your pages! This new blog reminds me of Danny Gregory's "Everyday Matters". Should be fun!

    1. Thank you, I post to his Facebook group page as well. That's another fun place to share work.

  6. That is a huge compliment to our blog Lisa! I'm an avid fan of D.G.
    Thank you!

  7. fantastic sketch, and beautiful colours!

  8. Kim - I love your treasures from nature and the sketches you have done of them. Most of what we have here is under too much snow or in the slush from the melting snow right now. lol This is a lovely page!

  9. Love love love your description of the Douglas Fir. And the detail.. !

  10. Love how these items appear to just sit on the page. And what you've chosen! Beautiful :)


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