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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Close to Home: guitar, quilt by Margaret Coote

You all have been inspiring me with your beautiful quilts and fabrics, your cozy couches…

Here's my guitar, reclining in an easy chair, gazing out the window (I think it's waiting for rain, because I always feel like playing when it rains)… violin and viola in their cases next to the chair.


  1. How fun that we both drew easy chairs and guitars today!!!! Love yours!!!

  2. A lovely painting of your guitar and violins. You have such a tender use of colors, like easy spring feeling.

  3. I love drawings of guitars and other string instruments! It rained here today, so you could have played mine if you'd been here. :)

    1. Yes :) We got some strange rain-sleet-snow mix, didn't really have the same effect. Still, I may play anyway!

  4. Margaret, I'm always jealous of anyone who plays a musical instrument. This looks like the perfect spot to sit and play...or sketch. Nicely done!

  5. Lovely painting! Beautiful colors! I'm always inspired by musical instruments, but unfortunately I don't get around to practicing! :)

  6. Thank you Joan and Lisa! I know, I can sympathize about practicing… sometimes it is hard work! :) But the instruments love it when you play them :)


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