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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Close to Home, French Market Masks by Melisa McCurley

I missed the local Mardi Gras parade last weekend so I sketched these masks in honor of the holiday. This is at a booth at the French Market.


  1. Love the sketch of the masks!!! I can just imagine the bright colors and how fun these look in person at the market. I visited New Orleans once and just loved the energy, the music, and the vibes of the city.

  2. These are great, but I think they want to be painted bright colors! :-)

  3. Fine sketches of the masks! It must be fun in your place with all the evenemangs:)

  4. Lovely sketches of the masks Melisa :-)

  5. Melisa, these are beautiful. I find these masks so mysterious, you've really captured their spirit.


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