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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Close to home - Diane's Daisies by Margaret Coote

My friend Diane was kind enough to share these flowers with me, some of a bouquet she received last week…and they made it home with me on a very cold & windy walk!


  1. Beautiful daisies. you have drawn them so well Margaret.It is good to draw flowers, isn`t it. I like it.

  2. Love it Margaret, story and pencil sketch both draw me in!

  3. Such a pretty sketch. And a sweet friend, too! Daisies are my favorite because they are so cheerful.

  4. Thanks Sirkka, Lynn and Melisa! Yes, it is wonderful to draw flowers especially during the winter. I told Diane that I was going to draw them, and I did! :)

  5. Margaret, I love the soft sketch you did of the daisies. It is so nice to see them at this time of year and think that spring can't be far behind.


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