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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Close to Home, by Joan Tavolott

This is a sketch of part of the Ronkonkoma Train Station. This is where I usually catch the train into the city. There is a big overhead walkway that connects the tracks to the parking garage. It is a big station being the first stop on the line that runs from Ronkonkoma to NYC which takes about 1 1/4 hours. The good thing is that since I am the first stop, I can always get a seat. There are quite a few buildings selling bagels, snacks, etc in addition to the ticket office. I had intended to go sketch the train graveyard where the spare trains usually sit, but wouldn't you know there was not one train there today. lol


  1. Oh so wonderful sketch of your train station! Good drawing and painting. It is good that we can sketch in our neighborhood at least.

  2. It looks like a fun place to sketch. Very nice.

  3. I love that you did this plein air! An inviting scene!

  4. Wonderful sketch and it's a much nicer station than our little one, here. I've never been on a train.

  5. Lovely scene, Joan! It makes me want to take a train! The one from Rochester to NYC only takes 7 hours ;)

  6. Love how you get so much detail into your paintings Joan :-)

  7. Rob, thanks. The challenge is finding a spot to park with a view. There are so many "no parking" or "no standing" signs. I ended up parking in a no parking area, figuring I was sitting in the car anyway. lol

    Lynn, I'll attempt anything from the car. Yesterday was definitely too cold to sit outside. Thanks.

    Melisa, I prefer small quaint stations. This one is too modern for me. Thank you.

    Margaret, that is still a long ride. By the time you get here the day is nearly over. lol Thanks!

    Ann, thank you. I have a hard time editing out details.

  8. Love it. will have to try some car sketching some time :))

  9. Wow Joan this is so good...seems timeless too...with the people and the vehicle! Thanks for sharing such a terrific building! Train graveyard would be fun too!!

    Hugs Giggles


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