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Friday, February 28, 2014

Close to Home, by Barb Deuel (At the Last Minute!)

Sleepy Time
©BEDeuel Bronson Hill Arts

I'm not really sure where the month of February went, at least for myself! I can tell you that I know exactly where it went for the cat(s): sleeping the month, even the entire winter, away!

But here is a down-to-the-wire post for "Close to Home", Lynn! Next time I'll get a little color into it! Thanks for the opportunity!

-Barb & Sweetie, the Sleepy Kitty


  1. Absolutely adorable. Love it. Glad you got into the first theme. Tomorrow the cat can curl up in front of the warm stove in the KITCHEN!!! (next theme) ;-))
    Barb, what name would you like in the Contributing artist's list? And do you want your blog linked there? If so give me it's URL please. Thanks.

  2. Lovely scene, love how you did it in ink. I want to sleep through February! Maybe next year...

  3. The cat(s) never sleep in the kitchen, Lynn! They're always yelling for food! :)

    And, Margaret, I agree: I would love to sleep through February, too!

    Barb Deuel should work, Lynn. The URL is Thanks, again, Lynn!


    1. Well, as one owned by a cat, Henry V by name, I know that! LOL What was I thinking? Mine is eating as we speak. And he has never slept in the kitchen, ever. So Maybe we can draw them eating there??? If we are quick that is. ;-)
      You are now linked up in the contributors list on the side bar, as is each new artist as soon as they post their first art here.

    2. Question: Where does one get the copyright circle C to add to their art? I like how you've done that, and I've seen a few others do this as well.

  4. Barb this is such a cozy scene! Perfect for this theme! Great job!

    Hugs Giggles

  5. You've captured such a cozy scene in your home, love it :-)

  6. Of course they are sleeping there. Look at that wood stove. It says lovely sketch. Sometimes just a pencil or ink sketch is nice with no color.

  7. Loving this, no color needed. I especially love the cushy chair. I'd be asleep by that woodstove, too!

  8. Looks like a cozy corner of your living room...perfect for the cat to take a nap. Nice!!


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